Actionable strategies to create a soul aligned brand that makes an impact and magnetises your business

3 ways to add type to your Reels

Increase the views and reach of your Reels on Instagram by adding type. Many people are watching with the sound OFF so it's important to...

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Stand out and get noticed

With 95 million new pieces of content being uploaded to Instagram every day, how can you stand out and get noticed? How do you create a...

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7 Unflattering filming angles to avoid

If you want to look good on video. Shish kebab! Unflattering camera angles are nobodies friend! (Well not mine anyway...)

Knowing these 7...

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How to make your own gif

Ever wanted to know how to make a gif for your business? It's actually super easy to do.. And also a lot of fun...

Tell your brand...

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Number 1 engagement boosting tip

 If, like me, you are striving to be super intentional on Instagram and really have a positive impact...

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Rising Above Negative Comments

One thing we inevitably deal with when we start to express our passions with the world are negative comments.

Unfortunately they do...

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Soul to Soul marketing [3 OF 3]

Did you ever have the feeling that the way we are taught to traditionally market and sell our products and services just doesn't sit...

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Soul to Soul marketing [2 OF 3]

There's a new way of marketing on the horizon... One that feels good to us as business owners and also to our customers...

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Waiting for...

Sometimes we put off things off until everything is just right, we have the right equipment, the right attitude. When will be the right...

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Soul to Soul marketing [1 OF 3]
"What is Soul to Soul marketing?"
Sometimes I'm asked if I can go into more detail about what I call Soul to Soul...
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10 tips for better videos
A few things that you can easily do to encourage the right people to watch more of your videos.
It always amazes me when I think...
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Balance success and health

I want to get there, but not at the expense of my physical and mental health.

It's easy to get caught up in the "hustle culture"...

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Get more done every day

I love to figure out ways to be more productive in the time I have, because it means a better work life balance.

Yes I want to have my...

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Become Magnetic Online

Our job as business owners is not simply to churn out products and content into the world, just adding to the clutter and noise of the...

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New Instagram Story Likes
New Instagram feature Now you can "like" people's Stories. It's all designed to make our inbox less cluttered.
Currently, when...
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I choose success with balance & grace

Some days that inner critic in me tells me I'm not getting things done fast enough. Some days I feel like I'm striding forward...

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Maximize your customer testimonials Highlight

Your Story Highlights are a super important part of your marketing strategy on Instagram. After someone connects with your content and...

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Instagram testing new home feed

I really love this new feature from Instagram that they are testing and hope to roll out in the next 6 months if it goes ahead.

The home...

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The natural flow of expansion

Celebrating my birthday this weekend... Looking back at the past year, it was a year of restructuring, a year of reimagining... ...

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Build your brand on Instagram
I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the super awesome Mark Egan for his podcast. We talked about lots of things:
  • How to...
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Small steps lead to large wins

Do you ever feel like everything is taking too long and you will never get there? There seem to be so many small steps forward to get to...

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Link Sticker For Everyone!

INSTA NEWS Now everyone can add a link to any web page in their Stories with the link sticker. You no longer need 10K followers to...

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Just Add Love & Stir!

There's a whole lot of magic that happens when you mix up the right ingredients on Instagram! OOoooo yes! You can do this!


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IGTV Is Now Instagram Video

IGTV is now "Instagram Video" IGTV is no more! Wow, find out in this video what it means for business owners and what we need to...

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