What are brand appropriate Reels?

There was a time, that I found myself going off track with my Reels... I got swept up in what I thought I was "meant" to do, oh wow it is so easy to do that!

We think if we don't follow trends and stand on our heads that we will never be successful on Instagram!

I caught myself really quickly and I developed a fool proof strategy so I can easily "sanity check" every idea I come up with to make sure that it is aligned with me, my business and my true followers!

Now I know before I even start the creation process that the content I am making is brand appropriate and will actually be of benefit to my true followers who I am trying to serve... So I am not wasting any time... Phew!

It's something you'll hear me going on about a lot, being "brand appropriate".

My goodness! It is so important! Especially with Reels ~ so that you don't hurt the brand message you are building...

This video is an explanation about what I mean by "brand appropriate"...




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