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5 Lessons From 5 Decades

Dec 03, 2020

It was my 50th birthday yesterday. I’m feeling so blessed to be alive at this time on the Earth… I feel so lucky to be here when 50 doesn’t any longer mean past it, irrelevant, forgotten or inadequate. As I enter a new decade of my life, to me 50 means - I know myself, I feel strong in myself… I know what I want.

I have experience and value to give to the world and I am just beginning…

50 doesn’t mean that now I have to be placed into a box and pigeonholed… 50 to me feels like endless possibilities and just a number...

50 feels like I’m ready to take on the world and grab opportunities that come my way…

50 feels like a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from life's tears, joys, struggles and many obstacles overcome.

Here’s to celebrating 50 years on planet Earth.

Honestly I think it’s taken me this long to really understand who I am and realize that I don’t have to give my power away to others like I did when I was younger....

50 to me means knowing who I am and relying on my intuition each day. Not trying to push ideas and things uphill but just going with what feels right and living life like that.

If you’re in your teens 20s or 30s and you feel scared about the number 50 and getting there one day believe me there is nothing to be scared about....

And for those of you older than 50 I’m happy to be joining the "I know who I am" Club of the 50s and beyond.....

Much love,

Kat ✌🏻✨




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