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Maximize your customer testimonials Highlight

Jan 13, 2022

Your Story Highlights are a super important part of your marketing strategy on Instagram. After someone connects with your content and wants to find out more about what you do, they are likely to tap on your Highlights to see what's in there.

This is your chance to show them how fabulous you are, and tell them all about your amazing products and services.

I think of Instagram Highlights as a mini website right at the top of your Instagram account.

One essential highlight to include is a customer testimonial highlight. Having other people say how amazing you are, in their own words is always super powerful and compelling.

This video shares some best practices to make your highlights really clickable and encourage people to want to see more.

If the Story Link sticker is new to you, there is another video earlier in my feed with more detail about the link sticker...

Love Kat 😘🌞🚀

P.S. Click here to check out my testimonial Instagram Highlight for the Instagram Makeover called "Success" to see the tap through Highlight in action.





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