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Instagram testing new home feed

Jan 07, 2022

I really love this new feature from Instagram that they are testing and hope to roll out in the next 6 months if it goes ahead.

The home feed can be rather cluttered at times. Your followers are also seeing, in their home feeds, along with your content,  suggestions from Instagram of other content that they think the person following you might be interested in.

This new split home feed will give people more control over what they see when they are scrolling by testing a home feed with 3 separate sections.

1 - HOME- Which will be a lot like the home feed we have currently and will see more suggested content over time.

2 - FAVORITES - Select the accounts you don't want to miss, such as your best friends and favorite content creators. You'll never miss another piece of content from someone you love without having to scroll and scroll for it.

3 - FOLLOWING - A home feed made up of everyone you are following. Another chance for more reach, as people that follow you will see your content chronologically (like it used to be) listing all the posts by people you follow instead of algorithmically (like the current home feed) where the Instagram algorithm decides what people want to see.

I feel that it will be good for us, as it gives people more choice over what content they spend their time seeing when they are on Instagram.

If you make your content really connect with your audience and they add you to their "favorites" they will be much more likely to see your content when you release it.

I like this new feature that is being tested. What do you think about it?

Love Kat ✌🏻💫✌🏻💫✌🏻💫


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