The Joy of Email Inbox Zero

Oh my goodness this productivity tip completely changed my life… I love it so much. Sounds a bit dramatic, but when you’re as obsessed with focus & getting things done without overwhelm as I am, it’s pretty exciting.

Emails are a necessary part of running any business but let’s face it, it’s not the sexiest part of what we do… 😂

In my mind, productivity makes me excited because it means more time working on the creative side of my business or having time in the garden, doing things I want to do instead of doing the boring things like answering emails.

You may have heard about Inbox Zero. I learned to do it a few years ago and it’s sooo good….

Just wanted to pass it on and show you how to do it so you can go from 😱 to 😄 when you go into your emails.

Watch the video to learn:

  • How to organise yourself to spend the least amount of time dealing with emails as possible…
  • How to maintain Inbox Zero once you get there…
  • How to prevent email overwhelm.

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