Introducing My New Course - Prosperity Process - My Practical Path to Entrepreneurial Freedom

My Practical Path to Entrepreneurial Freedom

Come with me on a magical journey of manifesting your dream business & getting your work out into the world in a big way by becoming an unstoppably productive entrepreneurial powerhouse...

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I have a secret! I've been in mad inventor/creator mode for the last 8 months creating a new course from my soul to yours...

There are so many things I've been wanting to share with you:

  • These are the SIMPLE systems & techniques that I personally have developed & USE EVERY DAY to create my prosperity flow & success
  • Sharing my organisation, manifestation & productivity system in a step by step process that anyone can achieve to feel happier every day
  • How to become powerfully aligned with the business you were destined to create and become financially prosperous
  • How to banish overwhelm & procrastination & become super organised for good
  • Spend your days in "flow state focus" where time disappears and you are creating at the highest level
  • How to believe in yourself deeply so you can step out online and shine your light
  • Everything falls into place and prosperity flows when you are fully on track with your soul's mission PLUS taking the right actions
  • When you combine productivity with full business alignment, it's like magic and everything becomes easier in your life
  • How to stay authentic in todays online world & market with joyful integrity
  • And much more...

6 Steps • 80 Video Lessons • Self-Paced Online Course with Worksheets • Instant Access

This course is a true masterpiece, I'm loving it! So powerful, enlightening & inspiring. Thank you for sharing your journey & for helping me to solidify my soul mission purpose. OMG already feeling better, lighter, clearer. I used to be so organized but I lost it with the years, & I can see how that affected my performance, it slowed me down.


This is genius. Thank you for doing all this work and for SHARING your amazing systems with us. This is the best I've ever seen. It's going to save me years. My mind is now free to FOCUS. Wow. I had no idea that this was DO-able. It's truly exciting. This course is AMAZING!

Udana Power

The sequence of the steps in this course is magical. It is an extraordinary course! And thought/soul provoking. The Soul Mission Purpose Quest Lesson is an amazing process and really showed me what matters most.

Pam McLellan

Every lesson is so practical & insightful. I am happy that I just signed up for this course without hesitation. It is SO SO value for money. It's easy and simple to follow, and most importantly, it saves me a lot of time. Just follow the instructions step-by-step. It's very organized and awesome. I'm learning with no stress. Thank you, Kat, for all your hard work and for making things so much easier for us.

Ou Zi Ming

I've been "stuck" for several months now and I haven't been able to pull myself out of it. I can already feel the magic working and I really needed this. I have a HUGE calling and this is exactly what I needed to help pull myself out of this overwhelmed pattern. THANK YOU KAT! You're such a gift!

Kimberly Rose

This is a LIFE COURSE that everyone should take! I learned more from this video than I could have imagined. Wow, this already feels like a massive exhale. I can only imagine how differently I will show up in my business not feeling frantic about all the things I want to do. The Soul Mission Purpose Quest lesson is incredible on so many levels Kat.

Kelsey Carignan

This was a shockingly powerful lesson. The compound energy of this seemingly simple task was a true game-changer. Geez, Kat, I can hardly wait to see what’s in store next!!

Haley Simons

Still in step one and I already feel a change in myself as a person. Already feel that I "got" my money back as a more organised and calmer, happier soul.

Anna Roos Edlund

Thanks for the unique process, Kat. I have just released so much energy and joy :-) I am so grateful for this course.

Tine Drivsholm

It’s so well thought out, beautifully delivered, easy to grasp, is helping me connect to my work even more. I am becoming more structured yet fluid, and the course is taking this pretty well organised soul to another level of productivity. If you like Kat’s Instagram Makeover you’ll love her Prosperity Process. Kat sets the bar when it comes to courses that engage - that you actually want to complete. Kat, you break this all down and deliver in such a brilliant way, it doesnt feel like I'm hearing stuff I've lived and breathed for years. So impressed, and I feel eager to soak it all up like I'm hearing it for the first time, but with a Kat twist or two. Love your clarity, nuggets of wisdom, your enthusiasm, and absolute joyous presentation. Thank you.

Lorraine Lewis Lawton
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What you're going to get done with me...

Organise to Energise

The first step in manifesting what you want is to feel successful & send out feelings of abundance to the Universe. That’s why we are going to spend Step 1 getting organised...

Clear away the clutter and overwhelm to make way for new energy to come in…

It’s time to call in the success you’ve been dreaming of.

  • Prosperity Starts Now
  • Course Navigation
  • Organisation is Key
  • Take Consistent Action
  • Clearing a Space for Abundance
  • Flow State Focus
  • Make Technology your Friend
  • Organise your Digital Files
  • Inspirational Home Screen
  • Notification No-Nos
  • Eliminate Distractions NOW
  • Work from Home Boundaries
  • My Notion Productivity Templates
  • Course Notes Notion Template
  • Paper vs Digital Notes
  • Streamline your Workflow
  • Fully Commit to Success
  • Joyful Life & Business Manifesto

Manifest your Dream Business

You are ready to go deep and begin designing and manifesting your dream life and biz.

Creating a personal manifestation plan to make it happen.

You are going to dive into a quest for your true purpose, the reason you came to Earth which will guide you to the right business and product or service for you.

  • The Manifestation Process
  • 3 Truths of Business Alignment
  • Balancing Intuition, Love & Power
  • The Magic of Intuition
  • Intuition Roadblocks
  • 5 Intuition Activators
  • Encourage Intuition with Quite Time
  • Simplify to Amplify
  • Soul Mission Purpose
  • Soul Mission Purpose Quest
  • Business Alignment
  • Pivot with Purpose
  • Path to Prosperity Indicators
  • Expect Total Abundance
  • Designing your Life Vision
  • Fuel your Success with Self-Belief
  • Morning Manifestation Routine
  • Manifestation Layering

Productivity Powerhouse

In this step you are going to learn to 10x your productivity and become a master of your time. Only then can you bring your dream business into reality.

Wake up every day knowing exactly what you should be doing, what to focus on & how to manage your time so you get more of the right things done.


  • The Meanings of Productivity
  • Success Pyramid
  • Small Actions Lead to Big Results
  • Your Next Prosperity Goal
  • Business Breakthrough Goal
  • Flexible Planning
  • Leaning into your Success
  • Batching Tasks Saves Time
  • Simple Tasks System
  • Organise your Week
  • Maximise Every Day with Grace
  • More Time - Time Mastery System
  • My Day Notion Productivity Template
  • Capturing Content  Ideas in Notion
  • Content Creator's Notion Workflow
  • Easy Content Repurposing in Notion
  • One Touch

Success Mindview

This whole course is sprinkled with mindview throughout.

This step I am going deeper into 4 lessons that will increase your creativity & leave you feeling ready to step into your own personal power more than ever.

Now is your time to claim your individuality and shine brighter like the star that you truly are...

  • My Competition?
  • Enhanced Creativity Framework
  • Staying Authentic in an Artificial World
  • Online Business Boundaries

Marketing with Joyful Integrity

It is totally possible to market with integrity & grace and I'm going deeper into Soul to Soul Marketing here than I ever have done before to give you lots of niche examples so you can do it too...

It's time for a new powerful way of marketing.

To be prosperous on all levels we want to feel good about the selling we are doing. There is another way that doesn't involve high pressure manipulation, one that we can feel good about in our souls.


  • Marketing with Joyful Integrity
  • Soul to Soul Marketing
  • Selling with Laser Clarity
  • Nurturing Customer Connections
  • Sales Funnel Basics
  • The Choice Approach
  • A New Way of Marketing
  • Give More Value than Expected
  • Focus of the Benefits
  • Pro-Actively Attract your Clients
  • The Power of Social Media
  • The Cohesiveness of a Brand
  • The Right Price?
  • Scalability Options
  • Your Soul to Soul Marketing Plan

Fulfilled, Balanced & Prosperous

A critical part of success is learning how to balance your life and your business.

Feel fulfilled & prosperous when you get there and enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship too.

We want to be able to enjoy the business and life we create and also have time for other things that we want to do and time to spend with people we love.

How to maintain your momentum over the long term and keep your vibe high while you journey through entrepreneurship and handle any challenge that comes your way with grace.

  • The Art of Business Fullfilment
  • Gratitude Stacking
  • Saying No to Negativity
  • High Vibes Toolkit
  •  Achieving Work/Life Balance
  • Timelines & Rhythm
  • Mindview Review
  • A Message from my Soul to Yours

Bonus 1

My personal Notion Productivity Templates

I have spent years creating a super simple, easy system that means I spend less time planning and more time creating. (A pet peeve of mine are complicated systems, so this is not one of those...)

  1. My Day - Time Mastery Template - Reduce overwhelm & save hours & hours every week and know exactly what you need to do every day when you wake up.
  2. Notion Content Creators Workflow Template - Learn how to organise your content creation with my personal template to streamline your creation process and easily repurpose content you've created.
  3. Testimonials Notion Template - A handy place to easily store testimonials & use as social proof in your marketing.
  4. Course Notes Template - All your course notes in one place...

P.S. If you don't know about Notion, it's a way to organise your thoughts tasks and content digitally. It has been one of the best things I have introduced into my business in the last few years, I love it. I am going to show you how to use my super simple systems so anyone can do it...

Bonus 2

My Prosperity Process Guided Meditation "Abundant Relaxation"

  • Specifically designed to deeply relax your mind, body & soul.
  • Connect to Universal Life Energy and allow Prosperity to flow through you.

Bonus 3

Access to the Prosperity Process Community Social Online Gathering

  • Come meet & connect with other beautiful souls from the community.
  • Online monthly Q&A + breakout rooms on Zoom
  • Come make your cheeks ache from smiling as we realise that we are not alone but journeying together through the process...
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It's your birthright to be truly Prosperous on all levels and to come into total Soul Mission Business Alignment

Learn the step by step principles that will lead to entrepreneurial freedom with my practical path...

  • Wake up every day knowing exactly what you should be doing...
  • Learn to manifest everything you want in life and business...
  • Massively uplevel your productivity and your level of focus...
  • Learn to gracefully handle any entrepreneurial challenges
  • Dial up your deep self-belief - AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!

Discover deeply what your soul came to do and overcome the things that are holding you back from fully expressing yourself in the world...


Whether it's overwhelm, focus, disorganisation, confusion, self-doubt or financial stress, it's time to eliminate anything that is making you stuck and supercharge the forward momentum in your business, truly, the world needs you right now...

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Click above for instant access to Prosperity Process for only $297 USD

Need help ordering or have a question email me on [email protected]